Uncommon Bodies: Research in Early Modern Literature and Culture (Twitter: @uncommonbodies) was founded in 2019 and it meets roughly once a month in order to explore a set of questions and readings related to the human body–how it’s imagined, experienced, and represented–in early modern cultures. Supported by a grant from the University of Minnesota’s Andrew W. Mellon Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World, we invite you–yes, YOU–to join us in exploring art and literature, theories and scholarship connected to embodiment, disability, sexuality, corporeality, the allure of the flesh, and physical and imagined embodiment. Most of the workshops will follow a “masterclass” model. A discussion leader will select a topic, circulate relevant readings to participants ahead of time, and (on the day of the workshop), facilitate a conversation. Contact either of the workshop organizers, Penelope Geng or Jennifer Row, if you’re interested in joining the conversation as a participant, a discussion leader, or both. Come when you can and participate in whatever capacity makes sense for your schedule.

Update 6/2020: UMN’s CSPW has funded our workshop for the 2020-2021 year! Schedule of events will be announced in late summer.

Penelope Geng, Dept. of English, Macalester College | Faculty Profile and Contact Info

Jennifer Row, Dept. of French and Italian, University of Minnesota | Faculty Profile and Contact Info